‘Twas Another Night

‘Twas another night before daybreak,

And all through the hood,

Every creature was stirrin’

Yeah, you know it, all those that could.

Gangsta wannabes were strapped,

Crowded on the street –

Fifty deep –

Blastin’ loud music, laughin’ loudly,

And guzzlin’ forties.

A young brother and sister were tucked into bed,

With the sounds of gun shots boomin’ overhead.

Momma in her robe and slippers sauntered down the hall,

Whisperin’ prayers to the All Mighty that her young man wouldn’t fall.

They called out a brotha for a coupla rounds,

He swung a right and a left, and they both hit the ground.

Gangsta man didn’t like those licks.

He pulled out a gat!

And Brotha took off in old kicks.

The side door was opened secretly,

So he could avoid the next round of danger and creep in discreetly.

“Mamma!” He bellowed.

I’m not scared of ‘em.

“Shut your mouth, boy! And let ‘em settle.”

He paced for a moment, and went to the window.

“Get away from there!” Mamma said.

“Sit down. Rest yourself on this pillow.”

“Sit down. Think and rest your head.”

“You go out there now and they’ll shoot you dead!”

“Live to fight another day, son,”

“But next time, fight with your mind.”

“You’ll see honey, you won.”

“Get outta here, get knowledge, get on the grind…

Enlighten your mind.”

Antoinette Clinton

Copyright 2012


About Antoinette Clinton

Writer, Reading Specialist I like reading, writing, arts and crafts, racketball and alternative medicine.
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